Circle Adds “Collections” to Its Retail-Friendly Portfolio

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Circle, a crypto and fintech startup funded by Goldman Sachs and Baidu has continued to build on its rapid development with another new product: “collections”.

Collections is another addition to the Circle trading portfolio which seeks to bring cryptocurrency trading to the masses. The feature allows investors to gain access to an investment theme: payments, privacy or platforms. This type of investment makes it suitable for investors who want to gain access to the space without doing the due dilligence and research. The feature is very retail-friendly, similar to the company’s “buy the market” feature, where investors can buy a basket of cryptocurrencies. With Collections, Circle will provide educational material to explain the purpose of the different groups and as crypto evolves, more collections may be added.

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These features are similar to the current options available in the tradtional finance market, where investors can buy a theme, such as “emerging markets” or “european banks”. The moves by Circle highlight what I have mentioned in my Medium posts recently: crypto regulation is coming and the insiders are building products for a pending retail wave.