Pantera Capital Sees 10x Gain in Crypto by 2020

pantera capitalPantera Capital’s CEO Joey Krug stated that he saw a 10x gain in cryptocurrencies “in two years”.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Krug stated that he saw, “solving scalability” as the key issue that’s currently holding many investors back from investing in the space. He also said that although Bitcoin will likely never get there, he expects to see blockchains that are, “faster than Visa or Mastercard in a couple of years”.  Solving the scalabilty issue is a key investment theme for Pantera would be the driver for the 10x growth in crypto over the next two years according to Krug.

Pantera were founded in 2013 as the first U.S. blockchain investment firm and the company are “one of the largest institutional owners” of cryptocurrencies, according to their website.